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History of Midwest Community Credit Union

I.P.S. Credit Union was started in 1956 on West St at the home of Bud Wall. Moved to the basement of Arlyn Monroe on Orleans Ave. It was then moved to 509 9th Street – in with a violin shop. A metal building was put up on 4th and Plymouth (Hwy 75) and in 1986 or 1987 built the building and became known as Midwest Community Credit Union. Built Outer Drive in 1996 – merged with Area Catholic Credit Union in September of 1999. The 4th street office was closed July 31st, 2004.

Immaculate Conception Parish Credit Union started 1973 in furnace room of Immaculate Conception Church. Later, it had moved to a garage on Transit Ave.  In 1978 they moved to a building on Transit Ave next to BAI credit union. In 1984 ICPCU merged with BAI and moved to present location at 1909 Old So. Palmetto and became known as Area Catholic Credit Union. In 1999 Area Catholic Credit Union merged with what we are known as today, Midwest Community Credit Union.